Worldwide Inspections for Oil, Gas and Shipping Industries


We employ drone operators who are experts in their field. Our UAV’s 4K camera provides exceptional image quality, allowing defects and cracks to be identified with a high degree of accuracy and confidence. This high resolution data is then analysed and presented in a comprehensive report, tailored to the requirements of the client.

Drone surveys are completed inside a ship’s ballast / cargo tanks; delivering close-up structural assessments. This reduces reliance on costly and time consuming forms of survey preparation such as staging and scaffolding. In addition to the favourable cost and time implications passed on to the ship owners, it also greatly improves safety for the inspectors. We also inspect jack-up rigs for class close-up surveys. 

We were the first company worldwide to receive Lloyd’s Register approval for drone inspection under the Remote Inspection Technique (RIT) for close-up survey. We now hold similar approval with DNV-GL and Class-NK.   

The more marine-focused arm of our company, MIS, recently featured in a case study article published by Flyability. It details one of our recent operations, where the Elios 2 drone was used inspect cargo oils tanks on an oil tanker, helping to save approximately $2 million.


Drone Inspection Services also provide drone inspections for FPSOs, drilling ships and offshore assets. Our inspectors have years of experience in the industry and are perfectly placed to provide comprehensive structural integrity data.

Onshore Storage Tanks

Drones are used to ascertain the structural condition of onshore storage tanks through interior and exterior inspection.

Our drones use high resolution 4K cameras and are operated by highly qualified inspectors with years of experience.   

These drones also carry powerful LED lights, so there is no need for the time-consuming provision of temporary lighting in dark areas. They also operate beyond line of sight and are resistant to collisions, minimising any safety concerns. This makes them perfect for surveying storage tanks – both onshore and offshore.

Chimney/Smokestack Inspection

We also provide inspection services for chimneys and smokestacks both internally and externally. Accessibility and potential downtime are always major issues with smokestacks and chimneys, and drone inspection has been transformative in addressing both of these. The time a chimney or smokestack is out of commission for the purposes of inspection is drastically reduced through using drones, and this is done so in a safe manner.

As with many other areas of inspection, our drone’s ability to carry LED lights and navigate beyond line of sight is of the upmost utility in chimney/smokestack inspections. The drones we use are also capable of gathering thermal images. Our inspectors view a live data feed which is then saved and meticulously analysed post-flight. The resulting report can be used to reliably form asset specific maintenance and repair plans.


Drone Inspection Services offers surveys for petroleum refineries. We are able to perform visual inspections on fluid catalytic cracking units and cokers.