Reliable Industrial Structure Surveys

Using drone inspection for industrial structures provides a cost-effective alternative to staging, scaffolding and rope access. It also decreases any potential disruption to commercial activities.

Our experienced inspectors find structural inconsistencies using the high-resolution 4K cameras installed on our drones. These are able to operate reliably beyond line-of-sight and offer a clarity of data that forms the basis of dependable reports.

The extent of the survey can range from comprehensive to area-specific depending upon requirements. All of our reports are highly flexible and we offer a worldwide service.

High Quality Agricultural Structure Inspection

Drone Inspection Services also offer surveys designed to increase the lifespan, safety and effectiveness of agricultural structures. All reports are produced by professional inspectors who are experienced in undertaking structural surveys.

Our inspectors view a live data feed which is then saved and meticulously analysed post-flight. The resulting report can be used to reliably form asset specific maintenance and repair plans.