High Quality Civil Infrastructure Inspection

Drone Inspection Services offers surveys for civil infrastructure. The extent of the survey can range from comprehensive to area-specific depending upon requirements. We operate a worldwide service and all of our reports are highly flexible.

Powerline Infrastructure

Drone Inspection Services provides high-resolution visual survey data for OHL powerlines. 4K camera equipped drones capably provide excellent data, which is compiled and analysed by highly experienced inspectors. The result is a report that can be swiftly delivered and relied upon.

Transport Infrastructure

We offer drone inspection for bridges and viaducts. This reduces costs by minimising the need for scaffolding and rope access. It also minimises disruption to services and shortens the surveying process. Furthermore, drone inspection is a far safer method of inspection; both for inspectors and the public.

Our inspectors have extensive experience in undertaking structural surveys. The drones we use offer a clarity of data that forms the basis of dependable reporting.

Wastewater Infrastructure

Our Elios 2 drones are well suited for surveying sewage tunnels. They are able to operate beyond line of light and are built to be collision-tolerant. This means they can roll along the top of a tunnel, with wastewater passing beneath it.

Our inspectors view a live data feed which is then saved and meticulously analysed post-flight. The resulting report can be used to reliably form asset specific maintenance and repair plans.