High Quality Inspections for Chemical Sites

Drone Inspection Services offer inspections to cover many aspects of chemical sites. We offer a global service and all of our reports are tailored to the needs of the customer. Our inspectors have years of experience in performing structural surveys.

Storage Silos and Tanks

Our state-of-the-art UAVs provide a high quality and cost-effective alternative to rope access, staging and scaffolding. This reduces the time assets are out of commission. 

We inspect storage silos and tanks; made with metals, concrete or fiberglass. This can range from a simple cleanliness inspection to a structural survey. We also inspect decommissioned pressure vessels, with highly trained inspectors meticulously examining post-flight data for structural defects. 

Fermenter Tanks

Enzyme production facilities can benefit from our bioreactor inspections. Routine surveys of production infrastructure are essential in maintaining quality of output, and drone inspections are able to assist in this. Our inspections are able to identify welding condition, missing components, and potential foreign objects in the tank.

Cables, Conduits and Pipe Racks 

We offer services designed to increase the lifespan and safety of indoor cables, conduits and pipe racks.

Our experienced inspectors find inconsistencies using high-resolution 4K cameras installed on our drones. These are able to operate reliably beyond line-of-sight and offer a clarity of data that forms the basis of dependable reports.